What We Offer

The Urban Mushroom Company (UMC) is a social enterprise focusing on reducing environmental waste. Founded in 2018, our student led group has been working to reduce the environmental impacts of coffee ground by using it as a substrate to grow oyster mushrooms. This process eliminates the coffee being sent to landfill, which would have created potent methane gases.

At UMC, we collect used coffee grounds from coffee shops in the city and use this nutritious material to incubate mushroom blocks. These are sold onto individuals and businesses to grow their own oyster mushrooms. In order to achieve a circular business model, we ensure our waste is composted locally. 

We are always looking for new partners and opportunities so please contact us with any potential collaborations!

The future

In order to build on our existing project, we are working closely with St Sidwell’s Community Centre. Our hope is to bring in volunteers to provide them with opportunities to develop transferable employability skills such as: communication skills, logistical problem solving, entrepreneurial skills, as well as providing them with work experience. Further to this, in order to better the local community we look to collaborate with primary schools in order to deliver workshops surrounding the topics of food waste and sustainability.

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